Counselling & Coaching in Fernie, British Columbia

If you are looking for professional, empowering, boutique counselling in Fernie (or virtual coaching worldwide) - you're in the right place!

Whether you've never tried counselling before, or you have and want to start up again - I think you're going to love the ability to talk about your innermost thoughts, goals, fears, concerns, desires and challenges with someone with advanced training in the art and science of listening and partnering with you.

Counselling provides a safe confidential space where you can discuss anything on your mind. I listen with no vested interest or hidden agenda, and absolutely no judgement.

Whether it's about work, your home life, relationships, confidence, emotions, goals or thoughts -- it's all between us and I'm completely on your side.

It's a great feeling!

Hey there! I'm Virginia Purcell, a certified counsellor and executive coach proud to be serving the amazing people of Fernie. I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, years of counselling and corporate executive coaching experience and lots of helpful tools to share with you.

I commute into Fernie but do not live in Fernie which provides social space for us to create a primary counselling relationship without the risk of any secondary pressures.

As your counsellor, I am absolutely on your side and have the role of guide, supporter and provider of important feedback others may never share with you. We will work in partnership to ensure you set goals that are meaningful to you, and accountability to help you meet them.

I think you're going to love the experience of counselling!

Some people may worry if maybe they are "too privileged" to seek counselling or feel guilty that they "should" not need or deserve compassionate non-judgemental support.

All of us in this beautiful mountain playground have a privileged special life.

Yet we are not protected from grief, sadness, tragedy, anxiety, stress, trauma, feeling lonely or lost.

You have a wonderful life.

But if you are like many women and men today, you find yourself feeling continuously on edge, isolated and stressed.

You power through your list of projects and tasks and rarely have time to relax, restore and experience joy.

You are wondering about counselling and coaching

On the outside, things seem fine.

But inside you feel isolated, overwhelmed, angry, anxious and sad.

And importantly, your life no longer has as much balance, meaning, or fulfillment.

Shouldn't you feel happier?

You've considered counselling and coaching but you don't want to trust your mind to just anyone.

Afterall, you've achieved a lot.

But there's also so much to do, lots of pressure, and it's all on your shoulders.

If you could stop to reflect for even a moment you might even find you are close to being miserable.

stressed woman at work will benefit from counselling and coaching in Fernie

There's another way.....
this type of counselling is different.

You might feel that counselling is "for everyone else". People who are extremely troubled or very broken.

You wonder if counselling or coaching even makes sense for you.

Afterall, your life could be much worse. Maybe you don't "deserve" counselling.

I get that. I've felt the same.

I've also helped many hundreds of clients successfully transform their lives to find more balance, peace and happiness.

We use important frameworks that help change your mindset, manage your emotions, and pursue your dreams in a healthier way, build stronger relationships and let go of unnecessary worry and self criticism.

My life is not perfect and neither are my clients. We are all a work in progress and have challenges, good days and bad days.

What makes the difference is the tools, the framework, the ability you can learn through counselling and coaching to see new possibilities, gain more confidence, and leverage emotions instead of pushing them away.

This type of counselling is different.

We use a variety of high-end coaching tools and processes to transform your thinking and expand your perspective and emotional intelligence.

I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, many years of counselling and corporate coaching experience, and am certified in several professional coaching instruments that provide insights into your psyche.

My compassion, empathy and discretion provide the perfect sounding board for your inner reflections. And our meetings provide that much needed accountability to set your plans in place.

I can help you find more balance in your life, create more satisfying relationships, and feel happier - at work and at home.

Counselling and coaching provide a framework

Counselling and virtual coaching worldwide provides a framework to rediscover your authentic self, your balance, your meaning and purpose in your life.

And to break through any barriers in your way.

Sometimes the barriers are current challenges, other's expectations, past trauma, anxiety, imposter syndrome, past experiences, unhealthy boundaries, family members, self-sabotage, life transitions, self-esteem challenges, limiting beliefs.......

You can break free and live your best life, your way!

Because you deserve to live a life you love.
counselling in fernie mindset coaching

Counselling in Fernie & virtual coaching worldwide offers an integrative approach to career success, happiness and life balance.

Through specialized counselling and coaching frameworks you will master new tools to manage stress, relax, and define success your way -- so you can be successful and happy!

We will develop a customized coaching and counselling program, specifically for your unique needs and interests. We use an integrated theoretical approach. The modalities and offerings below can be combined to suit your interests and make significant shifts in your life.

You are unique and your interests, preferences and needs take front and center.

Here's some of the components you may want to include in your program.

Mindset Mastery

Mindset is everything! Learn a framework to stop overthinking, worry, self sabotage and low self esteem. Your thoughts are powerful factors that shape your life.  Take charge of your thoughts, reduce your limitations and start manifesting your dreams.

Authentic Self

Counselling can help you understand, accept and honour who you are, explore your values, your truth and your purpose.  You will rediscover your true self, experience personal growth and move towards new ways of positive change .


Ecotherapy connects you with the rhythms and balance of nature to restore your sense of peace, calm and true belonging. Mindfulness practices and narrative therapy align perfectly with ecotherapy. You will feel connected to the natural world, and your place in it. 

Walk & Talk

Discover the magic of movement when we take therapy outside. 

 It’s an experience like no other. Learning positive habits becomes accelerated as new connections are stored in several parts of the brain as a result of moving, talking and learning.

True Connections

Counselling provides a safe space to break through fear, trauma, people pleasing, trust issues, and bad communication to create loving connections and meaningful relationships.  Find a new sense of hope in your daily life, enjoy better relationships, and experience transformational change.

Emotional Intelligence

 Master the skill of emotional regulation and understand how to manage and leverage emotions to live your life fully. Learn an integrative approach to understand  the message each emotion brings to you.

You deserve to experience a joyful authentic connected life!

You can live a life you never thought possible - build on your strengths, be your true self, create satisfying relationships - while being successful & happy at work and home.

If you are feeling stress, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, and burn out, you can definitely benefit from from counselling in Fernie in-person sessions or virtual coaching worldwide.

Importantly, this is holistic counselling that honours your body, mind and soul.  You want to feel alive , complete and on purpose.  Above all, you need to live in a way that reflects your values, priorities and nurtures your health.
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Counselling in Fernie and the Elk Valley

Through counselling and coaching you can find new balance in your life, while achieving more at work, connecting with others in a more satisfying way, and knowing you are aligned with your values.

You will build skills to manage and leverage your emotions, develop executive presence, laser focus on what's important, obtain clarity, and get more done in less time.

Counselling and coaching will keep your life moving towards what is important to you, enhance your sense of self worth and deepen important relationships.

You can be calm, peaceful and connected to purpose

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Counselling in Fernie
Your counsellor & coach:
Virginia Purcell MSc Clinical Psychology
Canadian Certified Psychotherapist CCC#10002505
Executive Coach

Private Practice Counselling in person in Fernie BC, South Country, Elk Valley, Calgary and Vancouver and virtual coaching world wide.