Your next steps to a balanced, calm, and joyful life

Counselling & coaching framework

I follow a custom framework to ensure that my specialized processes are a fit for you.

Typically my clients are busy professionals who are dedicated to improving their lives and who know how important it is to to make a commitment to invest in themselves.

If suitable, we will create a customized program and a regular schedule that is devoted to your needs, interests and goals.

Next Steps to take for Counselling & Coaching

Start Here - Intake

During our first session together, we get to know one another, discuss your current situation, challenges and goals. We explore options to move forward.


If we are a good match for one another, our next step is to create a better understanding of who you are, what issues you are concerned about, your strengths, vulnerabilities, what your hopes, dreams and goals are.  

We may use a variety of tools to fully explore your history, values, symptoms, background, personality and learning style.

Build a Plan

We collaborate to build a step by step plan for you to achieve your goals, conquer your demons, learn new skills and live your dreams.



We work together in partnership through sessions which can take place in office, outdoors, through video conference or by phone. 

I bring tools, confidentiality, listening, feedback, techniques, reflections and accountability.

You bring your commitment and willingness to learn, grow and develop.


We measure progress and regularly review to be sure we are on the pathway that feels best for you. You are in charge of your life and of our sessions.

Counselling timeline depends on your goals and the nature of the issues you are dealing with. Most people can expect to participate in counselling for at least 8 to 12 sessions.



We celebrate your progress and ensure ways to maintain all of the positive changes in your life.


Most busy professionals prefer virtual video sessions from the comfort of their home or office. This provides convenience, no commute, and flexibility. However, I occasionally see clients in person in my office spaces in Calgary, Vancouver, Fernie and South Country. We can combine these options as suitable.

Your counsellor and coach:
Virginia Purcell MSc Clinical Psychology
Canadian Certified Psychotherapist