Giving and caring for others are such good things! But sometimes we develop a pattern of doing too much.

If you are someone gives too much, you may feel overwhelmed, stressed, and taken advantage of.

There is a dark side to giving too much.
Although well intended, you may actually be hurting yourself and disempowering others.
It can happen in your personal life and at work.

You are a capable, strong, generous, kind and giving person.
It's your strength, identity and it's part of who you are.
You are always there for others! At work, home, with family, neighbours, even random people.

As a child you looked after things, you were the "little adult", looking after siblings and parents, made sure the mood of the house stayed okay, didn't make trouble, you were quiet, good and capable. "The Perfect Child"
But as much as you love to give, you have your own needs, interests, desires, and a life you would like to live.

Sometimes you wonder - what happened? Where is my life, when will it be my turn? Does anyone even see me? I am there for everyone - who is there to support me?

There's also a part of you that feels tired of always giving, never being the one that's supported, resentful and used after years of helping others and never receiving back.
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It's time to rediscover who you are! And to start living your life.

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You can be a kind generous giving person and still follow your own dreams.

Finding Balance and Learning New Skills

Rediscovering your authentic self
Uncovering your dreams
Assertiveness skills
Setting healthy boundaries
Stop people pleasing
Self care
Balanced social connections
Empowering others
Self esteem
Self confidence
Learning how to receive

Start now and change your life.

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