Square Breathing

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Relax With Square Breathing

Square Breathing is a way to get rid of anxiety and relax yourself instantly!

You know when you suddenly feel overwhelmed with anxiety?

You feel your heart beating faster, your palms sweat, and you suddenly lose your train of thought or you might even have panicky racing thoughts?

We've all had this happen.

Maybe you're worried about your family, or a health problem, or money, or your job, or you’ve heard someone’s been gossiping about you, or you’ve received bad news....

You feel anxiety flood through you and you feel uncomfortable, and paralyzed by anxiety.

Sometimes it can just seem to happen for no reason at all.

If you feel anxious frequently you've probably wished there was a way to reduce these feelings - fast!

There is!

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Use Square Breathing to Lower Anxiety

Square breathing is a simple tool you can use anywhere, any time you need to reduce anxiety.

This easy to learn tool creates a powerful reset in your system to melt away anxiety.

How Does Square Breathing Work?

Square Breathing uses the connection between your body, emotions and mind to soothe you back into a more relaxed state.

When you are really anxious your body is in "fight, flight or freeze" state. While you are in this state you it’s common to breathe shallow quick breaths or even hold your breath.

Square Breathing shifts your body back to a calmer state of alert relaxation. It works by deliberately changing your breathing back to deep regular breaths, the same way you breathe when you are calm and relaxed and there is nothing to worry about.

Here’s How to Use Square Breathing Whenever You Need To Get Calm and Relaxed

1. Begin by exhaling and allowing your shoulders to drop and relax.

2. Breathe in deeply for about 4 seconds. Allow the air to flow deep into your lungs. You may feel and even see your abdomen gently push out from the air entering your lungs. Imagine this refreshing oxygen filled air entering and nourishing and soothing your body.

3. Hold your breath. Hold this soothing, healing air in for about 4 seconds.

4. Let out the air for about 4 seconds or in a sudden whoosh - experiment and see what feels best for you.

5. Wait about 4 more seconds

6. Inhale, breathing in deeply again for about 4 seconds.

7. Repeat the process again.

Why is it called square breathing?

Some people even like to imagine they are outlining the 4 sides of the square as they move through each step of square breathing. You might want to try that out too.

ocean square breathing exercise for anxiety

Get even more benefit with from square breathing with visualizations.

Some people find it even more effective if they imagine the sight and sound of and ocean wave coming in and out as they square breathe.

Others like to imagine the sound of a breeze gently moving the leaves of trees.

And others find it feels great to focus on their breath and the sense of healing and relaxation that the air carries - even imagining a sparkling glow.

Try it out and see what works best for you.

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