Counselling For Men

Counselling for Men - 7 Ways Men Benefit from Counselling for Men

We all know mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being.

Our mental health affects everything - from relationships to sleep to physical health and success.

Yet it often goes neglected - particularly among men.


It's the old stigma and toxic masculinity culture that says men must be "strong and silent" about their inner thoughts, feelings, doubts, uncertainties and fears.

This outdated stigma has got to go!

Warning -- Rant alert 🙂 I believe so strongly in good mental health and wellness for men. Men have been left out for too long and have been held to bizarre standards that are unhealthy and limiting. This is simply unfair, wrong and harmful to men - and everyone!

Men's mental health has an important impact not only on individual lives but also on families, workplaces, and communities.

Seeking counseling is a sign of strength and self-awareness. I hope more men will break through the crumbling barrier of stigma .

Let's empower men with knowledge and resources to prioritize their mental health and seek appropriate counseling when needed.

So, enough rant -- let's dig into 10 truths (count 'em up) about men's mental health and the 7 ways counselling benefits men!

Let's go back a long time ago............

Did you get the message as a child that men aren't "supposed to" express emotions? It was sort of a wide spread thing.

Those Old Images About Men

the marlborough man cigarette ad

Are you old enough to remember (or at least heard of) the Marlborough Man?

From 1954 to 1999 The Marlborough Man was featured in cigarette ads like this. This hot "manly" guy with his chiseled jaw, cowboy hat and cigarette hanging out of his mouth portrayed the "ideal man" of his time - and this image sold cigarettes for decades.

There he was in numerous scenes - almost always alone - totally self sufficient, doing hard stuff outside, never needing help from anyone, clearly able to lift anything, handle anything, and muscle through anything.

marlborough man ad

You can bet the Marlborough Man is never afraid, worried, or anything less than confident - and for sure he never cries!

Yes, it's just an ad.

But the point is that it reflected the ideals of masculinity of the time and was super successful.

The Marlborough Man campaign continued for over 40 years, because it clearly appealed and many people identified and bought into the myth of of masculinity it stood for.

Boys were taught it's not okay to cry

Or need help, or feel confused, or sad or vulnerable or anxious or depressed -- ever! And girls also learned that's what boys should be like.

Enter toxic masculinity - a way of being that's probably useful in war - maybe for soldiers - or in other situations where you really just can't do what you need to do and feel at the same time.......

But not as a way of being or a way of living any kind of fulfilled, connected decent life.

Guess what happens when you just push down all your emotions

man with mask to hide emotions

Suppressing emotions is a common coping mechanism for many men, largely due to the toxic masculinity societal conditioning that's been happening for so many decades.

There are many psychological and physiological effects of emotion suppression.

Bottling up emotions can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and even contribute to physical health issues. This enforced stoicism takes a toll.

Men often wear a mask of toughness, concealing vulnerabilities and fears.

The repercussions of this approach are significant — from strained relationships and unfulfilled emotional needs to more severe issues like depression and anxiety.

The mask doesn't mean men don't have emotions -- of course they do!

It's simply a defense mechanism against a social message that says expressing emotions (except for anger) is bad and means you're weak.

You gotta wonder - What kind of world are we creating when anger is the only emotion that gets a pass as being "manly" ?

The Ties to Physical Health

Chronic stress, a frequent result of suppressed emotions, is linked to numerous health issues.

Suppressing emotions puts men at risk of conditions such as including heart disease and high blood pressure.

The mind-body connection in men's health is a real thing!

Redefining Strength

It's time to redefine strength and masculinity.

True strength lies in the courage to be vulnerable, to seek support when needed, and to express emotions freely.

Embracing this broader definition of strength can lead to more fulfilling lives and healthier relationships for men.

Enter counselling ...... Yes, It's okay for men to go to counselling!

man in counselling good mental health

The Benefits of Counselling for Men: Unlocking a World of Emotional Wellness ________________________________________

In a world where the phrase "be a man" often means just burying your emotions, counselling is a powerful tool to crush toxic masculinity.

Take a look at the benefits that counselling offers to men:

1. Self-Understanding and Emotional Intelligence

Counselling provides a confidential space for men to dive deep into their thoughts and feelings, often unexplored territories.

This journey creates self-awareness and emotional intelligence - something so important for personal growth and healthy relationships - and a more fulfilling life!

2. Improved Relationships Through Better Communication

When you've spent much of your life trying to hide, get away from or suppress your emotions, it's no wonder that you may struggle to understand and express exactly how you are feeling.

Many men struggle with describing their emotions. This can lead to misunderstandings in personal and professional relationships.

Counselling helps men develop their communication skills, making it easier to express themselves and understand others. This can significantly improve relationships with partners, family, friends, and colleagues.

3. Stress and Anxiety Management

Our fast-paced world brings its share of stress and anxiety. Men are not immune to these pressures, yet often lack the tools to cope healthily. Counselling offers strategies like cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises, empowering men to manage stress and anxiety proactively.

4. Overcoming Stigma and Building Resilience

Men's mental health is often shrouded in stigma, discouraging them from seeking help. Counselling for men offers a safe space to confront and overcome these barriers. It builds resilience, equipping men to handle life's challenges with greater confidence and less fear of judgment.

5. A Pathway to Healing from Trauma and Mental Health Issues

Many men carry the burden of unresolved trauma and mental health issues like depression and PTSD. Counselling provides a supportive environment to process these experiences, understand their impact, and work towards healing. This path can lead to a significant improvement in overall quality of life.

6. Fostering a Healthier Work-Life Balance

Workplace pressures and the pursuit of professional success can take a toll on men's mental health. Counselling for men helps in setting healthy boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and achieving a more satisfying work-life balance.

7. Personal Empowerment and Growth

Ultimately, counselling for men is about empowerment. It helps men break free from limiting beliefs and societal norms, allowing them to explore their potential fully.

This empowerment fosters personal growth, leading to a more authentic and satisfying life.

man happy from counselling

Counselling for Men is a Tool for A Better Life

Counselling redefines strength as the courage to face one's inner world, to grow, and to connect authentically with others.

Every man's journey is unique, but the benefits of counselling are universal.

It's time - you can embrace this path to emotional wellness and transform the narrative of masculinity for the better.

There's no risk to trying it out - the possible benefits to your life are huge, and it just takes some time, focus and the courage to try something new .

I think you've got that!

Virginia Purcell, MSc CCC
In-Person and on-line appointments

Can a female counsellor help men?

That's a great question you may be wondering about.
Actually the gender of your counsellor doesn't impact the effectiveness of counselling.
Many men like to talk with another man, and many men feel more comfortable opening up to a female counsellor.
I've helped many men to improve their lives successfully through counselling.
The key factor in the effectiveness of counselling is the strength of the relationship that develops between client and counsellor.
It's all about who you feel comfortable with, click with and feel understood by.
It's more often a matter of personality, vibe and chemistry than gender.